iOS 13 Comes With a New Feature to Prevent Your iPhone’s Battery From Ageing Quickly.

AT the WWDC 2019 Apple announced iOS 13. The major upgrade to the iphone’s operating system will include very unique new features. Apple highlighted some major features of the iphone’s upgraded operating system that is ios 13, yet not all of them were announced due to obvious reasons.

One of the most interesting features that was announced by Apple on WWDC 2019 is that iOS 13 will help improve the life of your iPhone’s battery. This special feature is Called ‘Optimized battery charging’. The new upgraded operating system iOS 13 feature aims to increase the life of your iPhone’s battery. It ensures that iphone doesn’t remain fully charged all the time. Iphone’s uses Lithium-ion batteries, they are said to have a longer life if they aren’t charged above 80 percent.

“A new option helps slow the rate of battery ageing by reducing the time your iPhone spends fully charged. iPhone learns from your daily charging routine so it can wait to finish charging past 80 percent until you need to use it.”

This new feature is basically depends on an algorithm. The algorithm is used to decide whether you are going to need your iphone at 100 percent or not. This is decided on the basis of your daily charging routine. The algorithm keeps the record of charging routine and analysis it and optimise the battery charging.

This feature can easily change the battery dying problem. Consider if you put your iphone on charging overnight, and the feature is turned on. the iphone will remain at 80 percent. The smart algorithm would know when you usually wake up and grab the iphone to use. Therefore thi feature will charg the battery 100 percent just before you need your iphone.

Normally the user would need their iphone fully charged to last an entire day, if they use their iphone very much. While most people could go through he day with an 80 percent. Bu that 20 percent is very crusial for the people ho don’t get time to charge their iphone.

As of now, iPhone models come with battery management systems that can fast charge the phone to 80 percent and then trickle charge the remaining 20 percent. The new ‘Optimized battery charging ‘ feature adds a machine learning aspect to it, ensuring your iPhone doesn’t remain at 100 percent for a long time.

iPhone users will be able to enable or disable the new optimised charging feature in iOS 13. But in case you’re planning to hold on to your iPhone for a longer period of time, you may want to keep it enabled.


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