Tech Giant Google at its ‘Google For India’ event announced ‘Google Research India’,  it’s first Artificial Intelligence Lab in India . The AI research centre will be led by IIIT Bangalore Infosys foundation chair and professor Manish Gupta, said Jay Yagnik, Vice President and Engineering  Fellow at Google.

Dr. Manish Gupta has a background in deep learning, video analysis, and education. Gupta is also cofounder and CEO of education tech startup VideoKen.

During the ‘Google For India’ event held in New Delhi, he also added that further information regarding the AI centre will be revealed in coming months.

The Bengaluru-based centre will be focusing on advance fundamental computer science research in the country. It will also aim to apply research work to study the different areas in India and find a better way to face settle the problems in different situations using AI  and also to help in growth of AI community in India.

The two areas that have always been of key interest for Google are Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. Therefore, the company has set up AI labs across the world, including, New York, Paris, Montreal etc.

Harvard University professor Milind Tambe will act as director of AI for Social Good for Google Research India and will focus on solving problems using AI in areas like agriculture, health care, and education.

Google with the use of AI has already contributed in some of these fields in India.

In February, Google’s AI for detection of diabetic retinopathy in eye scan images was deployed for clinical use in Madurai, India, while a Google Global AI Impact Challenge winner from India is currently working on the use of AI to reduce the threat of pests to crops.

Google said it will work with different industries of India, especially academic institutions and researchers to lend a hand towards the growth of Artificial Intelligence in the country.

“Putting our technology to work to help people in the face of crisis is something that we’re passionate about. Together with our partners in India we will continue to invest in AI-powered flood forecasts,” said Yossi Matias, VP of Engineering at Google.


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