The festive season is fully swing and everybody is dashing to shop for gifts for his or her favorite ones. It’s a troublesome task attempting to recollect preferences and guaranteeing that it fits the person you’re buying. particularly whereas buying millennials, there’s a desire to conjointly keep track of the most recent trends, interest areas and, at identical time, keeping it thoughtful and socially in-sync. whereas they’re a troublesome heap to please, millennials square measure interested in and appreciate gifts that match their goodGadgets, OnePlus, fluereon, gionee, nakamichi lifestyles and technologically advanced physical science square measure your best bets.

Top 5 smart gifting options under INR 5,000:

  1. Gionee Smart Life Smartwatch – Keeping track of your loved one’s health and he lping them manage time, the Gionee smart watch is stylish and technologically advanced. It features an IPS Full Touch Colour display and smart notifications which help monitor calls, emails, and messages easily. With water resistance up to a depth of 50 m and protective gorilla glass, the watch is priced at INR 4,999.
  2. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Bluetooth earphones – Technologically innovative and trendy, the earphones feature Qualcomm cVc noise cancellation, high-definition and superior quality sound, and advanced micro-acoustics by Knowles. Supporting Google Assistant and easy to switch between devices, 10 minutes of warp charging the earphones gives 5 hours of listening time. It is priced at INR 3,990.
  3. Nakamichi My Meiryo Bluetooth speakers – These speakers are attractive and trendy with their unique shapes and metallic exteriors. The miniature design makes the speakers easily portable and clear vocals add to the appeal. Equipped with a Micro USB Charging Port and a Micro USB cable, the speakers are priced at INR 3,499.
  4. Floureon 10000mAh Solar Power Bank – A compact solar power bank with robust battery capacity at 10000 mAh, the gadget has a solar panel to charge the power bank under the sunlight. The power bank, priced INR 3,899, requires 4 hours to charge fully and can charge multiple devices multiple times.
  5. Seagate 1TB Backup Plus External Hard Drive – Sorting all the storage requirements, the hard drive is USB powered and features quick file transfer with USB 3.0 connectivity. It is compatible with PlayStation 4 and is priced INR 4,100.



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