Realme Air Buds Neo
Realme Air Buds Neo

Realme is known to launch budget-friendly gadgets with good quality and features. Real me airbud neo is one of them, it’s a lighter version of realme airbuds 1, along with the drop in price a few more features have been taken out of this such as ENC and Wear sensor.

Real me airbuds Neo was launched after around 6 months of the launch of realme air buds1 in June 2020.

It supports the AAC Bluetooth codec and works in accordance with google fast pair. These are truly wireless and resemble apple AirPods in their appearance with around one-third of its original cost.

A variety of such wireless AirPods are available in the market such as apple AirPods, Samsung Galaxy buds, One-plus bud in earpods.

Salient features:

  1. The lighter version of realme airbuds1
  2. Budget-friendly – ₹2,999
  3. Color variation- Pop white, Rock red, and Punk green
  4. Case quality- hard and tensile.
  5. The micro USB port supports charging.
  6. Pairing button present on the front of the case.
  7. IPX 4 certified- sweat and water-resistant
  8. R1 customized chip of real me present
  9. Case battery backup- 17 hrs and 3hrs single playback time.
  10. 13mm Bass boost driver- the best one can get in just 2,999.
  11. Light in weight and easily fitted due to rubber tips.
  12. Quick pair feature supported.


  1. Similar in looks and appearance.
  2. Neo doesn’t support wireless charging.
  3. Real me aurbuds1 has a USB Type-C port whereas Neo has a micro USB port.
  4. Neo has no ENC i.e. environment noise cancellation.
  5. Neo has no wear sensor.
  6. Gesture support present in both.


  1. Double-tap- Answer a call, play or pause music
  2. Triple tap- Skip the song
  3. Press and hold on one side- End call or voice assistant
  4. Press and hold on both sides- Enter or exit super low latency mode.

Realme airbud Neo is perfectly budget-friendly and gives you everything in the basket at such a low cost. It is compatible with nearly all android devices and provides a perfect blend of quality of looks, sound audio, and features as well.


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